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Work unleashed

The future of work is here

The old rules of 9 to 5 and daily trips to the office have quickly been replaced by flexible, work-from-anywhere schedules and teams that span traditional workplace boundaries. In short: remote work, mobile, and the cloud are reshaping how, where, and when we work.

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Insights from BoxWorks Digital

Top innovators shared secure, work-from-anywhere strategies at our signature annual event. Watch all the keynotes and breakout sessions now.

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Unleashed hub
Best practices from today's leaders

Hear from executives at top organizations like GE and Nationwide about how they're adapting to the new work environment.

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The CxO perspective on collaboration

We asked 100 CxOs what they look for in a collaboration tool. Find out their must-have capabilities in a work-from-anywhere world.

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Remote work quick start

Check out our 3-step guide to working remotely, with tips to help your teams do their best work in an ever-changing landscape.

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All your work in one place

When you’re working from home, you still need to store, access, edit, and share critical files. Box makes it easy to work with your content across all your people, from teammates to vendors to partners. And with security and compliance built in, you know your data is safe and secure, while teams stay productive and healthy.

Pick a device, any device

Our products are designed to let your people work exactly how they want, whether they’re on mobile or desktop. That’s because we know working styles differ across the board, and user experience is everything. So whenever (and however) you need to get work done, Box software makes it both simple and intuitive.

Keep everyone in the loop

Wherever you’re getting work done, our collaborative note-taking tool ensures your whole team stays on the same page. Box Notes gives you one place to share ideas and feedback, while letting multiple people make edits in real time.

Connect your favorite business apps

Help your teams do their best work with a best-of-breed tech stack. We have seamless integrations with the apps you know and love, such as Slack, G Suite, Zoom, and Office 365. And 1,500 others. Keeping all your content secure as it flows across your tools is just an added benefit.

Security that has no boundaries

Remote teamwork calls for the highest level of security, and the cloud makes that possible. We bring you frictionless capabilities with advanced security controls, intelligent threat detection, and complete information governance to keep business running smoothly. Stay on top of critical security needs like data privacy and data residency, too.

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“Box is our strategic content platform that allows our teams to securely collaborate and access content from any location. This is a key enabler for supporting remote work to ensure smooth business operations.”


Jeffrey Smith, Chief Operating Officer, World Fuel Services


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